Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TPMS System

Alphatek supply full tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) so you can get the most out of your vehicle.

The TPMS valves have a battery life of 5+ 

years and can operate in temperatures 

ranging from as low as -40°up to as high as 


The TPMS reader is easy to use and easy to 

update. weighing only 526g it is lightweight 

aswell as easy to use.

The tpms valves are also fast & simple to assemble onto any aluminium & steel wheels and come with a 2 year or 24,000 miles limited warranty.

Wheel Balancers

Alphatek currently only supply one wheel balancing machine. It is a high precision machine with three different balancing modes.

The S708 wheel balancer also has a large cone and flange for light truck, minibus and Iveco type vehicles and an optional adapter without center hole for balancing tires, such as Elysee and Picasso.

Wheel Alignment

Alphatek supply two different kinds of wheel alignment machines one is mobile and the other is static. Both come with DELL branded computers and LCD screens.

The SF-9 wheel alignment machine has an electric movable post, it can measure and adjust the car in different platform height.

The SP-G6T wheel alignment machine has a wheel deviation measurement and an axis deviation measurement system

Both wheel alignment machines are high quality and reliable.

Vehicle Lifts

Alphatek supply vehicle lifts for car and commercial vehicles all of which are Tuv approved.
We have currently have four types of vehicle lifts, three of them are two post and the other is a scissor lift. 

The 35B lift has a powerful structure design and a maximum lifting capacity of 3500KG. 

The 35 lift has two-side manual unlocking, symmetrical arm and a plum-in arm pad.

The 45KC lift four protecting sets: pipeline explosion-proof valve, automatic mechanical, hydraulic self lock and rocker arm self-help lock.

The scissor lift has a safe Anti-explosion oil cylinder and a lifting capacity of 4000KG.

All lifts come with an antioxidant, environment-friendly electrostatic powder spray coating and an international famous brand seal ring.

All lifts are reliable and robust.


    Alphatek Equipment

    Alphatek Equipment

    Quality automotive apparatus

    Alphatek Equipment supply high quality automotive apparatus wordwide at competitive prices. We currently supply four kinds of vehicle lifts, two wheel alignment machines, a wheel balancing machine and tpms valves and readers, all for both car and commercial vehicles. All of our machines are TUV approved. 

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